Carpet Styles

 Carpet - nothing looks like it, feels like it or performs like it. And because carpet is a key decorative element in the home and a major purchase, you must keep several factors in mind during your selection process. This section was created to help you make a selection that best suits your home and your budget.


Smooth Saxony

    The most common style of carpet is a Saxony. This is what most consider "normal carpet". It's the type of carpet that shows the vacuum lines after it's been vacuumed, and footprints when you walk on it. It will also begin to show wear and tear more quickly than some of the other styles listed here. We recommend this style of carpet in rooms that don't have a lot of traffic on a constant basis. If used in the correct areas, it provides a very stylish formal look.

Smooth Saxony Carpet
Textured Saxony

    Textured Saxonies can work beautifully with any decor from casual to formal. A pattern is created out of a single color by giving some of the tufts added twist causing them to curl back on themselves in random directions. These tufts then reflect light differently than the straight tufts. This added twist can help reduce the appearance of vacuum cleaner marks and footprints


    A Frieze style is another popular style. This style is something like the Textured style except that the texturing or twist is much heavier with the Frieze than it is with the Textured style. A good quality Frieze styled carpet can be one of the most durable styles you can buy. With its heavy texturing, it also exhibits some of the same characteristics as the Textured style, such as its ability to hide footprints and vacuum lines, as well as holding up extremely well under heavy traffic.

Frieze Carpet

   Berber Looped carpet, more commonly referred to as Berber carpet, has also gained popularity over the years. This carpet style offers excellent durability, while lending its own distinct character to any room. There are many variations in the Berber style. Some are level loop Berbers, where all of the loops are the same height. Another variation is the Multilevel Loop Berber, where the loops may be different sizes as well as different heights. There is a wide range of choices with Berbers - they come in a huge variety of patterns and colors, including Multicolored styles. As a footnote, this style has developed a reputation for being very durable. We would like to point out,however, that just because it is considered a Berber carpet, this doesn't necessarily mean it's a good Berber carpet. Just like with a Saxony or a Textured style, there are different grades of Berber carpet. Ensure you are getting the right grade. They are not all alike.

Berber Carpet


      There are many variations of all of the above styles. Most variations are in texture, pattern, etc. You may want to consider some factors when selecting a carpet style. One factor is your room surroundings. For instance, if you have wallpaper, or a fabric on your furniture or window treatments that has a strong or definite pattern, you may want to stay away from carpet with a pattern. Too much pattern, or conflicting patterns, can cause a confusing or very busy look in a room. In this case, a solid color carpet would be better suited. You want your decorating to make sense, and to flow smoothly. If you room leans more toward solid colors, then a solid color would work. However, a patterned carpet may add some life to the room. It primarily comes down to your own personal tastes. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information on carpet styles, don't be. It all sounds harder than it actually is. If you want more suggestions or help, we will always answer the phone and talk to you. The friendly advice and design help is always free.