General Information

Laminate flooring is the newest and most innovative flooring available. It's more practical than wood, and more durable than vinyl.
It offers an outstanding range of style options - the look of wood, or the look of tile or stone. The wood can be embossed for the feel of real wood.

It is constructed in three layers. On top is a high-pressure decorative laminate surface. It is similar to countertops, but 10 times more durable.
The carrier (or core) layer is made of high-density fiberboard. It is bonded with moisture-resistant adhesive.
This layer has a tongue-and-groove design.
The backer or bottom layer is also made of laminate to balance the floor and add strength.

Laminate can be installed as a "floating floor" (no glue or nails) over most existing floors, so you save costly subfloor preparations.

Some is warranted against stains, fading, and wearing out for many years, e.g. 16 years.

Maintenance is easy - vacuuming and occasional once-over with a damp mop.

Product Features and Consumer Benefits

Laminate flooring has several advantages over vinyl flooring:

A. Laminate's dent-resistance is 1.5 times higher than vinyl.
B. Laminate's impact resistance is better.
C. Laminate's abrasion resistance is better.
D. Laminate's heat resistance exceeds all vinyls.
E. Laminate's resistance to chemicals and stains is the same as that of vinyls with urethane wear layers.
    It is better than that of vinyls and vinyl composition tile without urethane wear layers.
F. It requires twice the force to scratch laminate, as it does to scratch vinyl.

Laminate flooring has several advantages over ceramic tile:

A. Laminate is 3 to 5 times stronger than ceramic tile.
B. Laminate is 10 times less brittle than tile. That is, it takes 10 times the force to
    break or crack laminate when falling, than it does for tile to break or crack.
C. Both laminate and ceramic tile have about the same slip-resistance with rubber contact material.

Laminate has several advantages over wood flooring:

A. Laminate's surface is harder than even urethane coated laminated hardwood.
B. Laminate has greater impact resistance.
C. Laminate's scuff resistance is better than even acrylic impregnated wood floors.
D. It takes two to three times more force to scratch laminate flooring.
E. Laminate resists cigarette burns and heat better than acrylic and urethane coated woods.
F. Laminate resists abrasion 30 percent better than woods.
G. Laminate resists hot water better than even acrylic impregnated woods.
H. Laminate and woods have about the same slip resistance.
I. Laminate can be installed in bathrooms now.